This GameTamer bundled set comes with 2 Card Tamers and 4 Card Connectors to create the ultimate 3 tiered card display and domino rack. Two mini Card Connectors simply tuck under the larger Card Tamer adding a third row to accommodate more cards or game tiles. The Card Tamer and Card Connector combo holds up to 52 playing cards and 15 dominoes.

  • ELEVATE YOUR GAME: Set of 2 multi-tiered Card Tamers and 4 mini Card Connectors. Attach the mini Card Connectors to add a third tier to the larger Card Tamer or use them as standalone card displays.
  • MULTI-USE: Designed to hold playing cards and dominoes. Compatible with a variety of other game tiles, such as Rummikub and Scrabble. Holds 15 dominoes and up to 52 standard playing cards.
  • TAME YOUR GAME: Great for games where large quantities of cards are involved. Compatible with UNO, Canasta, Hand and Foot, Poker, and numerous Euro Board Games such as Wingspan, Terraforming Mars, Catan, Everdell, Dominion, etc. Accommodates cards that have plastic protective sleeves.
  • LOW-PROFILE DESIGN: Designed and manufactured in the USA. GameTamer products are thoughtfully designed for playing complex board games where table space is limited. The card slots have a wide opening for easy and quick card placement, yet securely hold cards in place preventing them from falling out when bumped.
  • NOT INCLUDED: Cards, Game and Dominoes not included.
Card Tamer Playing Card Holder (Set of 2)
  • $ 15.95
Mini Card Connectors (Set of 4)
  • $ 6.95