The 10 piece GameTamer Board Gamers Bundle includes 2 Token Tamer Trays with 2 Partitioned Lids, 2 Card Tamer playing card holders, and 4 Mini Card Connectors.

  • 2 Token Tamer Trays - Organize, sort, and store your game tokens, meeples, and resources. Divided trays have 4 sloped compartments to easily scoop up game pieces or whatever small items that you’d like to sort and store.
  • 2 Partitioned Tray Lids - Frosted translucent lids can be used as sorting trays during game play.
  • 2 Card Tamers - Multi tiered playing card holders angled to display cards for optimal viewing. Designed to hold dominoes and other game tiles as well as cards.
  • 4 Mini Card Connectors - Attach to the Token Tamer Trays to display a single row of cards with your game tokens or attach to add a third tier to the Card Tamer card racks. Can also be used as stand alone card or tile holders.
  • NOT INCLUDED: Cards, Game and Dominoes not included.
Token Tamer Divided Tray with Lid (Set of 2)
  • $ 19.95
Card Tamer Playing Card Holder (Set of 2)
  • $ 15.95